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Why Get a Coach?

Gain a new perspective in the form of a non-judgmental, objective money coach. Guided by expertise, priorities are clarified and a workable plan set up. My experience and insight help you take control of your finances, which has a ripple effect on your life. You feel better and relieved, having created a new positive path for your life.

Do I need a coach?

It’s almost impossible to be objective about your spending habits. You’re too close to them, and every decision can be justified, explained, or argued for.

Much of what has occurred is due to a lack of financial education: a failing of the school system. Having an expert teach you money management approaches, means you will learn to understand the rules of the game. I work with you to examine your deep-rooted spending habits and help you form new ones. This will improve your decision-making and boost your self-confidence.

Indicators of a Debt Dilemma

  • You can’t sleep and, generally, you’re anxious and irritable
  • You have 5 or more credit cards or lines of credit with a balance of $5,000+ on each
  • You’ve re-financed your mortgage twice in the past 5 years
  • You react to stress by “treating yourself” with shopping, using credit cards
  • Vacations to warm destinations you really can't afford are an annual event
  • Home repairs are being neglected & when done, paid for by credit card
  • You own all the latest consumer electronics and have a monthly cable bill of over $150

Calming Communication Style

When looking into a sensitive matter like your finances, it’s important that your money coach be empathetic and compassionate: I am both. These qualities are connected to my being in deep debt earlier in my life, so I understand how it feels.

Having been a financial professional for 30 years, I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and deal with everyone in a calm, down-to-earth manner.  I'll take my time and work with you in a patient, straightforward manner, answering every question you have in as much detail as necessary.  I genuinely care about your well-being and future.

Coaching Lends Focus

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged when dealing with a situation like this. Being assisted by a professional experienced in such matters creates newfound confidence.

With my coaching, you’ll begin to understand how beliefs and thinking patterns-expressed through spending-got you here, and how they can be modified over time for a more fulfilling life.

Guidance and Direction

At any time, it’s difficult to identify what led to previous decisions. I assess your recent financial history and create a flexible spending plan that addresses your debt level and savings.

I suggest inexpensive options and help you make some tough choices. Month-to-month, your spending is reviewed and stories listened to with an understanding ear.

I also help you define what financial freedom means for you, as in: what have you always wanted to do, besides owning a home? Exercises, discussions and encouraging guidance help you become more purposeful and aware.

Financial Education

As an expert in finance, I translate financial terms and concepts into simple, easy-to-understand words. You discover how, for example, compound interest and annual percentage rate of interest (APR) are calculated and how they may affect you. You also gain an understanding of why I may recommend certain financial or budgetary measures as we move forward.

As most of this subject matter may be unfamiliar, I will review it and provide detailed answers to your questions. Notes will also be provided.

Financial Habits

You learn how your financial thinking and spending habits were formed and how they can be re-formed for your benefit.

The difference between needs and wants is discussed in relation to:

  • Your monthly budget
  • Day-to-day choices, buying decisions, and set-out financial goals
  • The concept of delayed gratification, and
  • Ways and means of compromising while still sticking to your budget

With lessons, review, and reinforcement through my Debt Eliminator program, you begin to act differently because you are thinking differently.