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Debt Eliminator Program

The Debt Eliminator 12-week program teaches you an organized, easy-to-learn system for paying down debt that won’t ruin your credit rating.


  • How to create and maintain a suitable monthly spending plan
  • Money management skills
  • Financial education you can put to use right away
  • Within the Member Area, review past webinars, tips, and tricks and access easy-to-use
    spreadsheets, workbooks, charts, etc.
  • Exercises for each lesson with examples and clearly laid-out forms
  • At any time, you may contact me via email for questions and comments
  • Quarterly one-on-one phone or Skype calls to keep you on track

Program Overview

The following topics are covered within the 12-week coaching cycle:

  1. Welcome call
    A warm introduction and overview followed by a discussion of your present situation.
  1. Past Spending Patterns Evaluated
    A time period is identified and your spending is reviewed using debit & credit card receipts as well as fixed costs.
  1. Life Goal and Discovery Process
    Experience has proven that changes are easier to make if important life goals are motivating them. Written exercises help you explore or re-discover your goals, dreams, or purpose.
  1. Transforming Habits
    Financial situations are created as a result of actions taken without thought taking place: these are your money habits, which you will explore along with methods to help you make constructive change.
  1. Current Spending Patterns
    The next 2 months of your spending is tracked and placed in categories using my Spending Plan spreadsheet.
  1. Financial Education
    Common financial traps and everyday terms are defined and explained as well as their possibly damaging results. This is information you can use right away.
  1. Changing your Mindset
    Your attitudes to money are explored including how they were developed, possibility of self sabotage, limiting beliefs, and how to change your money mindset for a better life.
  1. The Mass Media and You
    You learn how advertising molds your thinking, often steering you away from what you really want.
  1. Quarterly One-on-One Calls
    To keep you on track and to clarify any difficulties, I offer patient guidance, financial insights, cost and spending reduction tips.

Sound interesting? Enroll in the course by contacting me.

The 12-week Debt Eliminator course introduces many new and unfamiliar topics that require review and reinforcement in order to achieve the end goal: becoming debt-free.

There’s no quick fix to years of accumulating consumer debt; it’s going to take patient, determined action on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis – over years. A major benefit of the Debt Eliminator program is that your precious credit rating will be preserved and rebuilt.

Using webinars and teleconferences, I periodically review important subject matter involving:

  • Your spending plan
  • Assistance is creating a personal strategy
  • Analysis of spending plans
  • Monitoring progress
  • Economizing measures
  • Analysis of decision-making on important financial subjects; specifically, contrasting previous thinking with updated and informed information
  • Answering questions, addressing situations
  • Encouragement and inspiration
  • Process of changing habits
  • Limiting day-to-day expenses

And much more!