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Debt Eliminator Program

An effective and educational 12-week process that reduces-then eliminates your debt-while transforming your habits and life.


  • 12 weekly webinars to teach you my Money Coach program
  • Access to the Membership Area where any webinar can be reviewed, budgeting and spending reduction tips posted. Bonus offerings added from time-to-time
  • Workbooks for each section with instructions, examples and clearly laid-out forms
  • Access to charts and customized financial spreadsheets to help you achieve your daily, weekly and monthly goals
  • Contact me via email for comments and questions
  • Quarterly one-on-one phone or Skype calls to keep you on track

Program Overview

The following topics are covered within the 12-week coaching cycle:

  1. Welcome call
    A warm introduction and overview followed by a discussion of your present situation to get you started.
  1. Past Spending Patterns
    The last 12 months of your spending is reviewed using debit-credit card receipts as well as fixed costs.
  1. Life Goal and Discovery Process
    Questionnaires and written exercises are followed by a discussion. Experience has proven that habit changes are easier to make if life goals are driving them.
  1. Behavioral Coaching
    Throughout the course, typical behaviors and results of people I’ve coached will be presented in workbooks and discussions. Behavior options with suggestions follow. Check-backs reinforce the coaching lessons.
  1. Current Spending Patterns
    The next 2 months of your spending is tracked and placed in categories using my Spending Plan spreadsheet.
  1. Financial Education
    Important and commonly misunderstood terms-concepts and how they affect you, are explained and expanded upon. You become smarter and understand why certain measures are recommended, as the program progresses.
  1. The Mass Media and You
    You learn how advertising molds your thinking, often steering you away from what you really want.
  1. Monthly Budget
    I work with you to create a monthly budget, taking into account all fixed costs and necessities.
  1. Quarterly One-on-One Calls
    To keep you on track and resolve any issues, I offer patient guidance, financial insights, cost and spending reduction tips.

Work at your own pace and achieve your financial and life goals with downloadable courseware.  At all phases, examples and instructions are given to help you complete the exercises with ease.



  1. A “Welcome” guide gives you a course overview and step-by-step instructions on how to work through it.
  1. Workbooks and spreadsheets enable you to track past-present spending and how to create a monthly budget.
  1. Questionnaires and exercises help you identify life goals.
  1. Financial and media educational materials help you understand and interpret terms, concepts and different psychologies used in advertising.
  1. Throughout the course, typical behaviors and results of people I’ve coached will be presented in workbooks. Behavior options and alternatives suggested.
  1. Contact me via email for comments and questions.
  1. Monthly email reviews keep you on track.