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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide debt settlement, consumer proposals or bankruptcy services?

No, I concentrate on helping people increase their cash flow by:

  1. Reducing-eliminating their consumer debt, and
  2. Creating and realizing a new future for themselves.

This is accomplished though my Debt Eliminator Program that helps people transform their spending habits.

What do you mean by the term ‘Money Coach’?

My belief is that many people need help to achieve their financial goals, and doing so requires continuous change. Modifying ingrained habits takes a plan, patience, commitment, and coaching. My overall objective is to provide reasonably-priced coaching to ensure you achieve your desired results.

I help my clients realize their vision with debt reduction strategies, tips, and guidance.

What forms does your Debt Eliminator program take?

There are 2 levels of coaching: my 12-week Debt Eliminator Webinar-based course with personal coaching and a Self-Study course with coaching principles written into its course material.

The Debt Eliminator 12-Week Course offers:

  • Weekly webinars that teach money management principles, how to keep track of spending,  creating budgets that work, all about financial terms-concepts, how habits are formed and re-formed, and so on
  • Clients have access to Member Area where they may watch past webinars and review tips and tricks
  • Access to customized spreadsheets, workbooks, charts
  • Ongoing email contact
  • Quarterly one-on-one calls to keep you on track

Complete listing of the Debt Eliminator 12-week Webinar-based program 

The Debt Eliminator Self-Study course offers:

  • Downloadable, step-by-step instructions, workbooks and spreadsheets to keep track of your spending, how to create your monthly budget and so on
  • Downloadable reading material with coaching principles built in on: Identifying life goals, financial terms-concepts, forming new habits, common spending behaviors and so on
  • Ongoing email contact for questions and comments
  • Monthly email reviews to keep you on track

Complete listing of the Debt Eliminator Self-Study program

Why is there information on legal processes involving debt settlement, debt consolidation loans, Consumer proposals and declaring bankruptcy on your site?

Education and transparency are fundamental elements of my Debt Eliminator program. Having access to key information allows you to make better decisions by understanding your options. My explanations are informative, easily understood, and easy to remember.

Why don’t budgets created by individuals or couples generally work out?

I find, that while many people can create a comprehensive budget, they can easily be thrown off track when challenges arise. For this reason, budgets must be fluid and adjusted regularly.

Without ongoing support, coaching and inspiring goals, it’s easy to stumble and lose momentum. My Debt Eliminator program addresses people’s vulnerabilities when they’re in the midst of changing their thought and spending patterns. 

What is different or unique about your Debt Eliminator program?

It not only addresses your immediate and long-term debt situations, but includes a process by which you re-invent yourself.

Your debt was accumulated over years by day-to-day thought patterns, expressed as buying decisions. I inspire, educate, and coach you towards a new self-concept which empowers you to modify your thinking. My focus is your long-term financial goals and increasing the faith you have in your future.

What would make me-us an ideal candidate for this program?

Ideal candidates would be anyone who:

  • Habitually spends more than what they earn
  • Is living paycheck-to-paycheck despite having a more-than-adequate income
  • Has family responsibilities and/or competing budgetary needs
  • Is just starting out and looking to create a solid financial foundation by avoiding the debt trap

Those interested in achieving financial freedom and transforming their life must have determination. The Debt Eliminator program is effective but requires patience and commitment. Modifying lifelong habits is challenging – but possible. And the rewards are rich indeed.

You mentioned a savings component in your Debt Eliminator program: please explain.

Typically, before someone enters my program, they lack the funds necessary to deal with unexpected expenses. And end up borrowing. This sets up, and continues, a behavior cycle that adds debt. I work with you in setting up a savings account, and adding to it as the weeks and months progress.

I believe strongly that creating and building a savings account is critical to the habit re-formation process. Having adequate savings means you:

  1. Stay on track during the debt repayment phase, and
  2. Have the money necessary to make your personal visions a reality
Do people have to be in a particular debt situation to be eligible for your program?

Practically anyone can join my Debt Eliminator program. There are possible exceptions, however, such as people in the midst of a Consumer Proposal or a bankruptcy. While I could help them, I’m not sure they would want to invest in my program at this time.

My system is based on paying off your debts one-at-a-time then increasing your cash flow. Those funds can then be applied to other things, like buying a home, traveling, saving for your child’s education or retirement, etc. It’s also great if you just want a system to save regularly and gain control of your financial future.

Want to check out my Debt Eliminator program?

What inspired a successful mortgage broker to begin your Debt Eliminator program?

In my early twenties, I found myself in a substantial amount of debt that took years to pay off. After doing so, I resolved to create a debt elimination program that could help others avoid what happened to me. I did a lot of thinking on it over the years and decided to combine personal transformation principles, cash flow management and coaching strategies.

Experiencing my own financial hardship forced me to master these principles and helped me become a better financial coach. I truly feel that this is my calling and would love to help you get started on your journey.