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My Mortgage Approach

Make your dream home come true

After all your planning, sacrifices and saving, it’s time to buy your home. Making your dream come true means working with an experienced mortgage broker. Advantages:

An Established Process

Time is of the essence. A well-organized system, strengthened by expertise, ensures quick turnaround of your paperwork. Each task is completed by trusted professionals I have long-term relationships with, so there’s no guesswork.

Be treated like a life-long customer, not as a single transaction

For most people, a mortgage is a life-long commitment. As your needs and goals change over time, I adapt my recommendations to keep you current.

Diversified Financial Background

17 years as a mortgage broker and previous posts as mortgage underwriter and loans officer allows me to deliver:

  • Immediate, informed answers
  • Understanding of the industry and marketplace
  • Sound advice on any situation, decision or product, based on wisdom and experience

You’re going to become better educated quickly and make better decisions.

First-time Home Buyers

My patient approach guides you through the application process. It begins with a discussion of your plans and goals followed by a documents review. Issues are dealt with and calls made to lenders with products suited to your situation.

Financial Planning

Meeting with your mortgage broker a year or two before your purchase is good thinking. Quite often, people find a home they love only to find out their financials aren’t set. In both cases, I can help you create a plan to deal with any credit, income, or other issues. When the plan’s objectives are met, it’s time to move forward and buy your home.

Member of a professional industry association

Members of the Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) industry association must comply with its Code of Ethics and meet strict educational standards. Their national designation for mortgage professionals, Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP), sets national standards for Canada's mortgage professionals.

Phone calls and emails returned promptly

Applying for a mortgage, second mortgage, or debt consolidation can be extremely stressful. I first make sure your application is A-Ok before it enters our system. I then keep you up-to-date on progress, problems, and solutions. Finally, I offer advice and recommendations along the way.

Debt Consolidation

Sometimes life events, health complications, and/or unemployment can affect your available cash or cash flow. To deal with short-term needs, you can consolidate debt by increasing the size of your loan. This will improve your cash flow and reduce your interest costs.


Brokers can offer more services, expertise and lending options to make your financial life simpler and more efficient.

Negotiate Fair Rate

After reviewing your unique situation, I recommend several options and help you decide on a lender that best suits your needs. Once they are chosen, I negotiate the absolute lowest rate possible.

Backed by a Strong Organization

To best meet the diverse needs of home buyers, it’s ideal for a mortgage broker to have:

  • Access to a wide variety of resources and services
  • Relationships with niche lenders who cater to unique situations, and
  • Expert problem solving and negotiation skills

Mortgage brokers process approximately 40% of all mortgages within the GTA and Dominion Lending Centres is a well-known force among them. Their enormous resources allow their brokers to obtain the best rate from lenders.

From 2010-2015, the ‘Neighborhood’ franchise of Dominion Lending Centres (DLC) processed the most applications of all Canadian DLC franchises. By dealing with a broker from one of our firm’s top offices, you receive: 1) A greater variety of products, 2) Access to pilot programs, and 3) Interest rate specials not available through other offices.