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With the recent changes in the mortgage industry, it is more important than ever to know a good mortgage broker!

The government has forced banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders to tightened up their requirements so much that getting a mortgage can feel like having to solve a puzzle.


Using my 30 years experience and a no-nonsense approach I will educate and advise you on the best options available. I find most clients are looking for answers to the same questions.

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John Wright, Mortgage Broker | AMP

Your Trusted Mortgage Expert

I became a mortgage broker because I love inspiring people and showing them that it is not as hard as they thought to buy real estate, create a great life and build wealth for their families. I do this by spending as much time as needed, explaining all the steps required to achieve or even exceed all their goals.

I find there are three types of clients out there that are looking for help:

Established clients that are working on building wealth and creating a better life

People that are struggling or have poor financial habits and need help managing their money

First time home buyers getting into the market that need guidance

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